Monday, December 13, 2010

Ready of Not, Here Comes Christmas & My Favorite Knitter Gifts

Wow, the holidays snuck up on me this year.  I have so many people to knit gifts for this year, compared to last year when I was still working full-time on the road.  This year I'm knitting for my three daughters, son-in-law, grandson, grandchild-on-the-way (due in June & probably named June if a girl), two bosses and their families, mailman who has been so awesome this year and friends.  And, simultaneously, keeping this blog somewhat up-to-date, my shop on (HipKnitizer) stocked, adding new knitting designs on Ravelry, prepping my loft for Christmas from scratch (all my Christmas decor is still in TX) and managing to work my full-time job.

If I get everything done it will be a miracle.  Here's my list of current projects:  Star afghan done in the round, fringed infinity scarf like one my daughter saw at Anthropoligie in Austin, postal blue "Dudester" scarf for mailman, several other men's scarves, more "Oatmeal" hats to stock my Etsy store (they keep selling as soon as I list them), hats for Jocey & Luke, the prototype for the silly "Sayde Sunshine" doll and more.

I normally buy myself something for Christmas (usually yarn), but this year I am foregoing this treat.  I will probably be moving again in the next six months and am trying to not accumulate more to move.  It did get me to thinking about the best knitter gifts and knitting treats I like to buy myself.  And, for what it is worth, here is my list:

Under $20 gift budget:

1) The original Stitch 'n Bitch book by Debbie Stoller - the best basic knitting book there is, period...
2) KnowKnits "Go Knit" Pouch -a  brightly-colored nylon pouch with drawstring perfect for sock knitting
3) Several pairs of 9 - 14" bamboo single point knitting needles - preferably in the 3-9 size range
4) Stitch holders, markers & point protectors - I'm fond of the double ended stitch holders, Knitpick's brass markers and blue Boye point protector sets
5) Knitpicks,,  JoAnn, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or A.C. Moore gift cards

Under $50 gift budget:

1) Ball winder - the Boye electric winder is the Cadillac of ball winders
2) Yarn swift - see wood swift link above - I have one just like this and I love it
3)  Sock blockers in several sizes - I like Knitpick's heavy blue plastic ones
4) Any knitting stitch collection book - always useful to a knitter
5) 10 skeins Stitch Nation Alpaca Love yarn  (enough for a sweater) - my favorite color right now is "Cobblestone"

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