Sunday, May 17, 2009

More California Fun

I'm still in Turlock, California after 10 weeks so far. I like the area and am the longest-running tenant/guest in my Fairfield Inn. I joke with the hotel staff that they need to make a name plate for my room (top floor, far left) since I am about the only person that has resided here since the place opened. My room is very comfortable and I sleep better here than anywhere I've stayed so far. Even the hourly train that runs right by the hotel is restful.

I also enjoy the Prius rentals I have managed to score the last month or so in Sacramento when I fly in. The mileage really is unbelievable (about 50 mpg) and I can see owning one myself someday. I am trying to limit my In 'N Out Burger runs to one a week, but their excellent brewed ice tea brings me back.

My sister, Judy flew out several weeks ago and we had a great weekend visiting Napa/Sonoma (less than 2 hours from here). We had a brand new Holiday Inn Express hotel in American Canyon at the base of the Napa Valley loop. Spent the very rainy weekend enjoying Boon Fly Cafe (at the Carneros Inn), Sterling Vineyards (my absolute fave), Beringer, Frank Family Winery and others. The whole valley is magical and even in the rain it was so much fun. Judy and I had lots of fun drinking wine and hit a yarn store or two. She liked Turlock and we visited the Hilmar Cheese Factory before she left.

I spent Mother's Day in Portland totally alone as it turned out. Long story, but I'm looking forward to being there with Sayde and the girls (and Hudsy) in late June/early July for two weeks of vacation. I did get to Powell's City of Books and finally got a HUGE U.S. map to mark all the jobs I'm doing.

J-Knits asked me to test knit a lacy sock pattern for them. It is in a soft hand-dyed green sock yarn and has taken quite awhile (it is on size 0's). I'm also finishing up the Lace Ribbon scarf I've been laboring over for a year, a blue garter stitch pullover for Hudsy and more crocheted cotton market bags so I can be p.c. in Portland...