Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Much Longer Now!

I'm really getting excited about the upcoming publication of the Stitch 'N Bitch Superstar Knitting book. Only 41 more days until it comes out! I have seen several previews of the contents (Knitpicks has photos) and got an advanced copy of my Baby Corn pattern pages to proof several weeks ago. Baby Corn is the yellow dress in the first preview photo on the Knitpicks website upcoming books preview - funny that they would put my pattern first.

Debbie asked for current addresses of the pattern designers so she could send us each a copy of the book. I'm hoping it comes soon. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Powell's have been advertising advance ordering of the book for months now. I went on my local public library website and there were already 4 holds on the book also in advance of publication. I sure hope it gets the press it deserves when it is finally on the shelves. It is a really beautiful book - great photography, lovely projects and Debbie's great writing style is throughout. Can't believe it has been over 4 years since I first submitted my pattern!

I just had a total knitting hibernation weekend. It was rainy and perfect to stay indoors knitting and designing. I finished the Vanilla Ice Cream scarf pattern which I will be posting soon on here. Also am nearing the finish line on the pink hooded cable cardigan for a friend's 3 year old daughter and a self-patterning sock yarn pullover for their 5 year old son. I also quickly knit a ruffled wine bottle drip-catcher for a wine gift and finished my knitted bead necklace (will post a picture later). I am about half finished with the dinosaur/dragon toddler hat design and hope to have that pattern completed by mid-October.

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