Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the Road Again

I finally got "deployed" early last week to a new Financial Advisor job. I flew into Eagle/Vail, CO airport and am working about 11 days in the Edward Jones office in Eagle (pop. 3500). This is where Kobe Bryant was tried after he got himself in trouble with that girl in 2003.

I must say, I totally love the area. Not only is it beautiful (see pictures I posted) but I'm remembering how much I always liked this state and the people in it. I haven't seen a single smoker yet and everyone is fit and outdoorsy. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was the 6600 ft altitude. I haven't been much above sea level for many years and the first several days I battled some altitude sickness. Took it easy and drank gallons of water, which helped.

Fortunately I felt well enough yesterday to check out Vail Village (where I almost moved to instead of Santa Fe 22 years ago), Avon and Beaver Creek which are nearby. I hung out awhile in Minturn, the oldest town in the Vail Valley where they had an awesome yarn shop (woohoo) called The Yarn Studio. I stayed over an hour chatting with the very knowledgeable and outgoing employee. Not only was the little house stuffed with high-end yarn and supplies, but the whole upstairs is a great selection of needlepoint. I bought a ball of the newest sock yarn the owner, Kathy, had just brought back from TNNA (see picture). It is a Skacel import, Schoppel Wolle "Zauberball" in wide gradations from white to greys to black. Gotta love that German yarn. I'll start looking for just the right sock pattern to take advantage of the color changes.

Wish I was more of a skiier or snowshoer so I could really take advantage of this gorgeous area, but I'm still enjoying the beauty of the area and the cool people. Hey, I have a Starbucks right by the office, sushi in the well-stocked market and a wonderful yarn shop - what more could I ask for?

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