Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life List

The down time I have spent at home waiting to be sent out on a new job has been good in one respect. I have had time to do some things I've always wanted to but couldn't justify. Today I was reading an old copy of Body + Soul magazine (thanks Martha) and ran across an article about writing Life Lists. It motivated me to check out www.43things.com and take the personality test based on things you've already done. I was labelled "Organized Reinventing Money Manager" - gee, no surprises there. Just glad it wasn't "Disorganized Boring Slug."

I have started a Life List with anything I've yet to accomplish in life on the site - from small and insignificant to rather grandiose. Very entertaining and enlightening to see what surfaces after the first 20 most people list. I remember years ago writing such a list in relation to career goals with Edward Jones at a regional meeting in the beginning of my financial advisor job. The speaker told us just the act of writing down goals cements them in your subconscious and you will accomplish them. I remember listing pretty outrageous goals and feeling it was all bogus. I found the list six years later and had surprisingly accomplished every one of the 15 goals I had set for myself. Made me a believer in the process.

Watching the Inaugural events on tv today has been surprisingly absorbing. I've never been even slightly interested in years past, but this has been different. Have knit like crazy as usual while watching so I don't feel like such a bum. I finished blocking my newest cardigan design and am almost half finished with a deep red mohair belted wrap cardigan I had started for Jade for Christmas last year. I'm going to knit another version of my design with some tweaks, maybe using J-Knits yarn Dreamy Bulky yarn. I will post pictures of project progress later this week.

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