Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boogie Shooz #1 Released To the Public

I FINALLY finished the Boogie Shooz #1 pattern and posted it on late last night.  It took w-a-y longer than I had expected, as I decided to do two other versions simultaneously (#2 & #3 natch), while I was finishing up several  projects and whipping out "Coco" from Superstar Knitting in record time to wear today.  Oh, and I wrote the pattern and am half-finished with "Sleet", my latest new scarf pattern which will be offered for free download on this blog (hopefully this coming week, if I can finish the prototype to photograph).  It is my favorite scarf pattern yet.  And there's the interruption of having to stop my knitting and go to work outside Knitworld 35 hours a week...

Boogie Shooz resemble quirky baby booties as you can see from the photos to the left and come in 3 sizes for grown a** women.  They are pretty quick and easy for some instant gratification.  I definitely let my freak flag fly on this one - why the heck not??  This is my first foray into selling patterns on Ravelry.  I've been giving away "Big Honkin' Bag" and the "Elusive Blue Rose Hat" for almost a year now and they've had a good response, as well as the two scarf pattern downloads on this blog linked to Ravelry.  This may prove if the hundreds of patterns were downloaded because they were awesome or because they were ....  free.

I chose Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation Full 'o Sheep to knit them in as it comes in an array of bright, interesting colors and is my current fave yarn.  Debbie's book signing is at Powell's City of Books in downtown Portland today and I will be in attendance.  I 'm taking all 3 prototype pairs of Boogie Shooz for Debbie to see knit from her yarn and my next design sketches for "Sayde Sunshine", a bizarro doll also out of Stitch Nation yarn.

If you're interested, each Boogie Shooz pattern download can be purchased for a mere $4 on Ravelry.  I will do my best to get #2 and #3 on there this coming week.   I would love your opinion on these so feel free to post your comments.  I will also be posting the rules of the drawing for 3 copies of Superstar Knitting (one signed by Debbie) soon. 

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  1. i know this was posted a couple years ago... I saw your sleet scarf in Raverly... Do you have the pattern to share? I would love it... It is beautiful.