Friday, November 12, 2010

Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar Book Signing with the Superstar Herself

I'm here to report that Debbie Stoller's book signing at Powell's City of Books in downtown Portland, Oregon last weekend was a great success!  There were 50-60 attendees and lots of them purchased the book and had it signed.  Knitting needles clicked in the awe-struck audience as Debbie spoke about her knitting inspiration, knitting tips (stitch positions involving audience participation was priceless) and background about her new book, Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar Knitting which was officially released 11/01/10.

Debbie had brought a trunk show of some of the book's projects, including my design, "Baby Corn", and "The Life Aquatic" pattern designed by Serena Murphy, also from the Portland area.  We were introduced to the audience, too.  The project models featured in the book were passed around and it was interesting to see the models in person.  I cringed when "Baby Corn" was passed to me, dreading how the model I knit might be faring through all the modelling, handling, etc.  There were a few loose ends and pulled stitches, which I remedied as best I could.

It was fun to meet Debbie's mom, Mrs. Stoller (I'm sorry I didn't catch her last name).  She was along for the ride on Debbie's book tour on the train.  She told me she would rather fly than ride a roller coaster after having been traumatized on a roller coaster years ago.  Debbie prefers riding the train on her book tours and still had Seattle, WA and several cities in California to hit before having to fly home to Brooklyn for the holidays.

I went to the signing with a couple of friends and was pleasantly surprised when my day job bosses and their families attended to show their support of my first published pattern (and hopefully not the last).  The kids, Jocie and Luke, were wearing sweaters I had knitted both of them so it was really special.  I've put their pictures on the left.  I even got to sign some books myself and got Debbie's signature on my book copies. 

I was wearing a black wool/angora version of "Coco" from the book I whipped out for the occasion.  I wasn't feeling the sequins in the original "Coco" so used a selection of random buttons along the bottom and sleeve edges.  I was sorry several times as it was overly warm and the angora kept going up my nose!

The next day, Debbie was featured on local TV on "AM Northwest" and showed the projects we had seen at the book signing.  Several of my friends saw "Baby Corn" and my name mentioned as the designer and contacted me afterward.  What a fun experience and Debbie is an excellent, clever speaker.  I would highly recommend making the effort to see her if she comes to your town!

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