Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 2011 Yarn Diet

So far this year, I have managed to stick with my resolution of not adding to my yarn stash in 2011 until after President's Day (also, ironically, my birthday this year).  This resolution came from the fact that I have 100's (perhaps 1000's) of yarn skeins in my stash already and a change of residence on the horizon (I will have more boxes of yarn & knitting supplies than household goods).  I've also managed to avoid buying any new knitting tools or books.  The large snaps I bought at Joann's last weekend were necessary to complete the "Mona's Jacket" project and that darn Vogue Knitting magazine just showed up in the mailbox. 

It has been difficult for me (harder than I realized it would be) and I  feel like I'm on a restrictive food diet.  When I'm on a calorie-restriction diet, I find myself watching the Food Channel constantly, clipping recipes like crazy and thinking obsessively about when and what I will eat next.  For me, everything starts revolving disproportionately around food.  That's the main reason I don't bother dieting anymore.

Now I'm not just skimming through yarn websites daily like normal, but loading up online shopping carts while telling myself I really NEED that yarn and what a great deal it is that might not come along again. I find myself daydreaming about types and colors of yarn I would like to buy walking back and forth to work and throughout my workday.  As I'm knitting each evening, my right brain opens up and I start dreaming up new projects and designs that invariably require some yarn I don't currently own.  I'm just glad it is yarn I am addicted to and not something much worse...

Fortunately, I haven't followed through on buying anything yet, but February 21st seems like a long time from now.  At least I've been redirecting my frustration into knitting at a faster, more productive pace on my current knitting projects which uses up my yarn stash quicker.  I just finished two loop scarves to post in my Etsy shop, have one sleeve left on  "Mona's Jacket", am about 1/4 finished with Harold's vest and into the rustic child's Anthropologie-ish cardi.  I'm casting on today to make a sweet pink "Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket" for my friend Ben's new addition, Evelyn Rosemary, arriving late this spring.

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