Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Knitting Resolutions for 2011

After a crazy flurry of last-minute holiday knitting, I'm finally ready to regroup for the new year.  Among my  completed gift projects were several afghan/throws, multiple scarves, slippers and slouch hats.  Now I can get back to increasing my Etsy shop inventory , finishing several new patterns I'm designing and making random booties, clothing and toys for my next grandchild affectionately known as "Weaselhead" (Mr. Spud's name for him/her).

I barely managed to finish the misty taupe scarf Sayde had requested I knit to duplicate one we saw at Anthropologie in Austin at Thanksgiving to give her when she came for the holidays.  I knit it out of Naturally Caron "SPA" (75% microdenier acrylic/25% rayon from bamboo) for softness and drapability, cast on 50 stitches with size 5 needles and alternated 10 k, 10 p to a 70" length, seamed into a loop and added long fringe down one side.   Love the way it turned out (see side photo), Sayde has worn it non-stop and it inspired her to get back into knitting and make one herself out of apricot Patons "Silk Bamboo."

The charcoal grey newsboy cap I knit for my daughter Jade was a big hit and looks really good on her.  She and Sayde both have excellent heads for hats and seem to look good in any headwear I knit them.  The photo of Jade in her new cap was taken in front of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Place in downtown Portland where we went to check out the new H&M store that opened recently.

I churned out a postal-y heathered blue ribbed scarf for my super postal carrier, Burt, who always goes out of his way for me and my mail.  I doubled Plymouth Encore DK so it was chunky and washable (note picture on the side).  Burt was tickled and it was fun to surprise him with a Christmas gift.

The only thing I didn't finish in time was the Star Afghan I knit for my friend/boss Werner and his family.  I used the pattern out of the Knitter's At Home book which literally starts with 7 cast on stitches and with the help of many increases ends up being 740 stitches per row at bind off.  I made it out of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes that self-patterns in browns and blues, is machine washable and looks good on their new chocolate leather sofa.  I forgot to take a photo before gifting it (although I remembered to sew on a "HipKnitizer Handknits" label). Werner has promised to take a picture of it for me to post on here later.

So, after careful consideration, here is my list of 2011 New Year's Knitting Resolutions:

1) Take at least two photos of each finished project (1 close-up and 1 from a distance) and post on this blog, Etsy and/or

2) Sew a "Hipknitizer Handknits" woven tag on every project I knit this year, no excuses.

3) Improve on my Intarsia skills and hopefully learn to love doing it.

4) I swear, swear, swear I will actually try steeking rather than just reading about it
5) I will design a minimum of 6 new knitting patterns this year (at least half of them complicated garments).

6) I absolutely won't buy more yarn until after President's Day (although I have reduced my stash substantially in the last few months with my non-stop knitting).

7) I will only knit for people that want and appreciate my knitting (or are willing to pay for my work).

8) I will manage to take 30 minutes of my daily knitting time to exercise the rest of my body.

9) I will teach and inspire at least 6 newbies to knit this year.

10) I PROMISE to update this blog at minimum once a week (and will try extra-hard to update twice a week).



  1. I love your resolutions you came up with! I could easily use these as mine...well, if I was doing any reso's this year, but I'm not!! heehee :) I'm in absolute agreement with the "HH" tag on every project. & I've yet to steek, have only read about it! I'll be cheerin' for you w/#5--I luv your other patts--I can't wait to start some Boogie Shooz#3 for myself!:) HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jana!!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comments, Valerie. I have almost broken my yarn-buying resolution several times already (darn all the yarn sales going online right now)!

    Hope your 2011 is the best year ever!