Friday, January 16, 2009

A Busy 24 Hours

One of my projects right now is knitting 6" square swatches for I hooked up with them through and got my first shipment of yarn to knit yesterday afternoon. It was 4 colors of their "Dreamy Bulky" hand-dyed yarn (mohair/wool). Absolutely gorgeous colors and texture. They name their colors after states and cities. I liked the green shade best of the pinks, burnt orange and soft gold colors they sent. Guess what the name of the green I liked best is? PORTLAND, of course, where it is green all the time.

I was so enamored with the yarn I set to work immediately knitting the 10 requested swatches (which I assume will be sent to yarn shops that buy this yarn from J-Knits). Sat by the fire and knitted last night. I finished them before noon today, worked in the ends and blocked. They sent a postage paid envelope to mail back and I just mailed it back to them. In exchange for my time, they give me a credit for each swatch to be applied to any of their hand-dyed yarn (everything from lace weight to this bulky).

Pretty much did nothing but knit for the last 24 hours (and slept a little) but really enjoyed it. Hope they send me more yarn to knit up. I've put pictures of the yarn and finished swatches on the right. Now I'm back to a chunky cardigan design I'm putting together. I'm keeping it simple, done in the round and QUICK. Will post pictures as it progresses. The slowest part for me isn't the knitting or calculating, but writing down the details to go into the pattern. I'm thinking the "Dreamy Bulky" yarn I just used would be nice in the final version. We'll see..

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