Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Embrace Uncertainty

I'm still at home on Retreat. I was thinking that I do have another New Year's resolution. I was watching Ellen several days ago & saw Deepak Chopra mentioning his own resolutions. I like what he said about trying to "embrace uncertainty" in 2009. The more I think about it, the more I want to do this too. Talk about taking a lot of the stress out of everyday living...

I've accomplished a few things today. I finished knitting the stuffed caterpillar toy to tuck in the knitted stuff I'm mailing to Jade today (see photo on right). I included mostly things for Hudson (alias Sudsy), who is now 18 months old along with a hat & slippers for Jade. I sent him a brown cable knit pullover, matching slouchy hat, felted slippers, chunky blue helmet hat and the caterpillar. Maybe he will get some good out of the cold weather clothing before spring arrives in Portland.

Now I'm back to working on 2 afghans, scarf (gifts for nieces) and a top down "February Lady" sweater for me. I've managed to clean out some off my huge yarn stash in the last three weeks and organized the remainder in my wire cube wall. I'm really ready to head back out on the road again and do my job. I'm so trying to embrace this uncertainty.

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