Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I've wanted to set up a blog for several years now. I really admire friends that have put in the time and effort to maintain a blog so I can keep up with their lives. I guess setting this up is my New Year's resolution for 2009. Hopefully I will manage to keep this interesting and updated.

I am currently on "Retreat" from my job as a Transitional Representative (travelling financial advisor). I go from office to office across the US filling in for advisors that have left the company either temporarily (medical or military leave) or permanently for whatever reason. I arrived home (here in Lindale, TX) several days before Christmas when my last job in Valparaiso, IN ended. I've been here waiting to be sent to my next assignment for 3 weeks now. The downside is I've got a bit of cabin fever and the upside is all the knitting I've gotten done. Won't bore you with all the projects I've finished, but will add a few pix of my favorite things.

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